The Best Organic Prenatal Vitamins – 6 Multivitamins Reviews

As a mom-to-be, you are supplying your baby with nutrition for optimal growth, immunity and development, even before she or he is born.

However, depending on your diet and special circumstances, you might lack specific nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and easy birth. Taking the right prenatal vitamins when you're pregnant can compensate for this deficiency.

You need to look into which ones are suitable for you, so to save you time we reviewed the top ones. But first some background information:

What are prenatal vitamins?

Vitamins for pregnancy are supplements which help you to cover for the essential vitamins and minerals that you may miss out on your (even healthy) daily diet.

These types of supplements generally contain a higher level of folic acid or folate and iron, compared to other standard vitamins for adults. Folic acid (or preferably the natural form: folate) is important so as to avoid the defects of your baby’s neural tube whereas iron prevents anemia and supports your baby’s growth and development.

Pregnancy vitamins are available in various forms: liquids, pills or gels that should be swallowed and even gummy prenatal vitamins with iron. The best vitamins are organic and based on whole foods and not synthetic ingredients.

Should I really take prenatal vitamins?

These vitamins are designed for the general population and eating diets similar to the Standard American Diet (or S.A.D.) or places where having to take nutrition is scarce. Prenatal vitamins are not made in mind for people who eat folate rich, unprocessed diet, plant based.

So in theory, you might very well be able to get all the necessary nutrients from normal eating.

However, many crops and products have decreased in their nutritional value, so it will require extreme discipline and research to make sure you and your baby get the right amount.

As multivitamins are all different in their composition, dosage and function, we compared the 6 top prenatal vitamins so you can decide easily which ones are best for you:

Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW - Prenatal

garden of life vitamins review

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If you would like to get the full benefits of raw and wholesome vitamins, this top prenatal vitamin supplement is a great option! It is raw and natural, sourced from organic vegetables and fruits, and contains no fillers or binders. The container has 180 capsules. Below are the reasons why this is one your best choices:

  • You can take these before pregnancy, during pregnancy and post pregnancy, as you breastfeed your baby. The minerals and vitamins to take while pregnant are all available in this supplement.

  • It boosts the immunity for the baby and mother as well.

  • The folate (800mcg) supports the development of healthy neural tubes, minimizing the chances of defects.

  • It is dairy free and gluten free so if you have an intolerance towards such ingredients, this is suitable for you.

  • It contains Vitamin D, Probiotics, Zinc and Ginger, which support digestion and elimination. This enables you to cope with any discomforts related to digestion during your pregnancy. It contains Alfalfa as well, which has the highest chlorophyll content among plants and is a great source of vitamin K for your baby.

  • You will find this supplement easy to swallow.

  • The downside is that if you need fish oil or calcium supplement, you need to get another supplement that has these.

  • It has a strong taste, that might need getting some use to.

Organic Whole Food Prenatal vitamins - Prenatal Multi Gold

prenatal vit

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This could be the best prenatal vitamin brand, containing more than 20 essential vitamins required during pregnancy and offering a boost of health, from head to toe. Made to meet the strict GMP standards, this is a vegetarian, non-GMO supplement which has whole food and food based multiminerals and multivitamins.

Not only does it improve your health and that of your baby- it also optimizes your immunity and makes pregnancy easier for you by helping your body handle the discomforts such as digestive issues and nausea.

It contains no dairy, gluten or soy. It is fully natural and contains no preservatives, fillers, binders, stearates, dioxides, laureates or sulfates. The following factors make these vitamins a great option:

  • Unlike other types of multivitamins, it contains no synthetic vitamin isolates.

  • It is easy to take the capsules, which leave no metallic aftertaste.

  • The enhanced assimilation and bioavailability makes it easily absorbed into your body.

  • Compared to other supplements that contain synthetic multivitamin formulations, it has an enhanced assimilation and bio availability.

  • It is free of allergens. So there is no need to worry about possible allergic reactions due to contents such as corn, gluten, egg or peanuts as this supplement has been verified to be free from common allergens.

  • The nutrients in it have been concentrated from certified organic herbs, fruits and vegetables.

  • This multivitamin is great for boosting your energy, and easing discomforts related to pregnancy such as nausea and digestive issues

  • Your hair and skin will look amazing after taking these, according to many reviewers

  • These are also great for bone health, an important issue for many women after delivery

  • You will need to take 3 capsules daily

New Chapter Perfect - Prenatal Vitamin Fermented

new chapter prenatal vitamins reviews

This supplement has been designed expertly so as to give you the much needed herbs, vitamins and minerals required before conception and during pregnancy. This gives you a healthy baby as it boosts the oxygen supply to your baby. It is the best fermented supplement due to the following reasons:

  • It has been expertly fermented and formulated, giving you strong health for you and your baby. This also makes it to be easily absorbed, even on an empty stomach.

  • It boosts your energy as it contains whole food Vitamin B, which has been fermented.

  • It is free from gluten and GMOs and is safe for consumption.

  • It offers the recommended daily allowance of iron, which helps in the transportation of oxygen to your baby.

  • You can take these on an empty stomach, which is great when you're not able to hold much down, or have to skip meals for other reasons.

  • It contains actual Folate, instead of synthetic Folic Acid.

  • The tablets are small in size and easy to swallow, without an unpleasant smell or after taste

  • You have to take them 3 times a day

  • In some prenatal vitamins reviews, some of the consumers express concern over the quality control because the company was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2012. However, it is generally safe for consumption and free from GMOs.

Best Nest Prenatal Vitamins

best nest prenatals

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Though it's not 100% organic, but an organic blend, I decided to add it to this list, because it has great ingredients, one of which is organic Chamomile! 

It is a big favorite among mothers to be, because it helps great against morning sickness. It has L-methylfolate, a more absorbable form of folate, instead of folic acid. It also contains probiotics, digestive enzymes. One con is that it does not contain DHA, so you would have to get that separately. Other features:

  • 100% natural
  • Free of artificial colors and flavors, sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, gluten, soy, yeast, fish/shellfish, nuts, GMOs, and dairy/lactose
  • Pleasant vanilla flavor
  • One bottle will last you three months
  • Can be used prenatally, postnatally and while breastfeeding
  • Quite a big pill, so if you have swallowing problems, this might not be your first choice

Nordic Naturals - Prenatal DHA

nordic naturals prenatal dha 180

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Pregnancy is a period during which you require all the essential vitamins and minerals, as well as a mood support. This is because a happy and healthy mother makes a happy and healthy baby. Nordic Naturals are prenatals without iron but with a healthy dose of omega- 3. Omega- 3 offers great benefits for you and baby and may not be found in other types of prenatal supplements. You will need to supplement this if it is missing in your diet. Nordic Naturals soft gels go beyond offering you the nutritional benefits- it also gives you support for your possible mood swings during the different stages of your pregnancy.

  • The gels are soft, small and easy to swallow

  • There is no unpleasant, fish oil after taste or odor. You can even opt for a strawberry flavored version.

  • The DHA (480mg per serving) meets the recommended daily intake

  • It helps with mood swings during the different stages of her pregnancy, as it contains vitamin D3 (400 I.U.). This vitamin, also known as cholecalciferol, provides back support.

  • Your baby’s brain and eyes will develop optimally.

  • Back support is also of importance as you will need a strong and healthy back so as to support the life growing within you. The components in these capsules promote strengthening of your back.

Rainbow Light - Prenatal One

best organic prenatal vitamins reviews

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This Nr. 1 Best seller is a food based multivitamin that offers complete nutrition for you and your baby. Though it's not strictly organic, It is considered among the best supplements, according to many one-a-day prenatal reviews.

You can use this multivitamin while trying to conceive, when pregnant or nursing your baby. It gives you enough nutrients and energy for the day, together with ensuring the healthy growth and development of your baby.The following reasons make it a great buy:

  • You only have to take one tablet a day, and you get great benefits from the 90 million bioactive probiotics and the vitamins for pregnancy

  • It is completely natural.

  • It is a vegan supplement which has a high level of purity: gluten free, containing no dairy, soy, nuts, yeast or shellfish.

  • The complete B-complex enhances natural energy production and good support for stress.

  • Your health as a mother is nourished: the iron boosts the production of red blood cells and supports metabolism. Vitamin A promotes the health of your skin. With this supplement you will not only feel good and healthy, you will also look great, radiating your pregnancy beautifully.

  • It contains folic acid, which is highly essential for the development of a baby’s spine, the prevention of neural tube defects and promotion of a healthy brain.

  • You should store the bottle in a cool and dry place, which is dark. When exposed to moisture, the product may develop dark spots, but this does not diminish the product safety.

    the best organic supplements to take when you're pregnant


    Is there always use for prenatal vitamins? The answer is in most cases yes, and if you decide to take them, make sure you choose those that are best suited for your lifestyle and diet. I hope I was able to make that choice easier...Happy delivery!

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