25 Unique Baby Girl Names


Wow, how exciting!

You actually get to give someone the name she will (probably) carry her whole life....

I always feel a baby's name is the most awesome thing to think about before your little one enters the world. However, you can get quite stuck in choosing a name, if you want it to be different from most names you hear around you. To help you out, here is a list of very special baby girl names that will rock their baby socks off.

One request though...if you happen to choose one of the girl names below....let us know in the comments below. It would make our day!​

1. Solene​

baby names for girls: how about Solene?

Solene (or Solène) stems from the French name Solange, and means solemn, religious. This might sound a little serious for a baby name, but they will grow up at some point for greater things. And this would be an suitable name for an amazing heroine.

2. Willa

what a cute name

This is the feminine variation of William, and means resolute protection. It’s a short and fun name, and easy to pronounce for most cultures.

3. Diem

	whats a cute name for a girl?

According to the urban dictionary, Diem refers to “The epitome of a true ganster and a princess in one” and other qualities that make for one tough and gorgeous cookie. A great name to combine strength and beauty and prepare your baby girl for the world out there.

4. Bronwyn

meaning of the name bronwyn

This is a Welsh name (where the spell it Bronwen) and means “blessed” and “she with the white breast”. This is a beautiful name, but might have your daughter perform a spelling bee every time she introduces herself. Which could also be a nice ice breaker!

5. Tinley

what are baby girl names that start with t?

This name originated in the English language, but it’s so rare that little is known about the name’s etymology. It seems to come from the Olde ENglish word “tynan” which means “fence, hedge”. If you’re not a fan of princessy names, this is an interesting and cute alternative.

6. Elodie

meaning elodie

This name is used in France and stems from the greek “Alodia” - which means “foreign riches”. The name sounds really classy and feminine. It's also a very old name of a saint, and is often shortened to Ellie.

7. Calla

Calla is a greek name and means “beautiful”. It is also the botanical name of a type of Lily. In arabic, the name with a different spelling “Cala” means “fortress”.

8. Camari

Camari sounds exotic and tropical, but is the female variant of the Gaelic Cameron, meaning “crooked nose”. If you don’t have a problem with this meaning, the word by itself rolls of the tongue beautifully

9. Teegan

This Irish name is derived from the Welsh “Tegan” and means “pretty, fair”. A hip name for a go-getter girl.

10. Ulani

Ulani means “Cheerful” and has a Polynesian/Hawaiian origin. This name will remind anyone of having a happy time on beautiful beaches.

11. Locklyn

This is another Gaelic name and means “lake land”. It is a phonetic spelling of the male name “Lachlin”.

12. Skyler

The name Skyler is an english version of the Dutch surname Schuyler. It means “scholar” and “shelter”, both of which are positive qualities in a person.

13. Malin

Malin has scandinavian origins and is a short form of the name “Magdalene”. Apart from that it also means “trustworthy, true and faithful”.

14. Gracen

This name is a variation on “Grace”, which in turn stems from the Latin “Gratia” and means eloquence or beauty of form, kindness or mercy. A very virtuous name! There is another meaning, which is “son of the gray haired, when you look at the english origin.

15. Alegra

Alegra means “joyful” and comes from beautiful Italy. It is also a term in classical music, to indicate in which tempo a musical piece should be played. Giving your baby girl this name, will remind everyone to find the joy in life.

16. Oda

Oda is an ancient Germanic name and means “Elfin Spear” and “prosperity, fortune and riches”. It is also a Norse baby girl name, and means “Point”.

17. Priya

This name means “beloved one” in Sanskrit- one of the oldest languages in the world. It was believed that people with the name Priya are unique and beautiful.

18. Sena

Sena is a great choice because it is a universal name, appearing in Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic and African cultures. It means several things: this world's beauty, grace or blessed. In Sanskrit Sena means "army; missile, dart".

19. Harlyn

This is a female version of Harlan, which means "rocky land" and comes from the germanic and english language.

20. Laken

Laken has an irish origin and means “from the lake”. It is the name of the irish goddess of beauty, wisdom and love.

21. Zella

How cool is it to have a name that starts with a Z? The name also has a very special meaning: “One who knows the way, lacking nothing”. It stems from the Bobangi language, which is spoken in Central Africa..

22. Zuri

Zuri means “beautiful” in Swahili, and “white and lovely” in French.

23. Kaira

This name has a Greek origin, and means “at the right or opportune moment”. It is a feminine sounding name that also has a strong association. Kaira will be a woman not to mess with! In Hindu, Kaira means “peaceful, unique”. It is also used as an abbreviation for “Katherina” in Sweden, which means “pure”. All these different meanings combined sure makes for a name with many virtues!

24. Cosima

Cosima is an italian female version of the Greek name Cosimo. It means “order, beauty”.

25. Keeva

Keeva is an anglicised form of the Irish name “Caoimhe”. It means “gentle, beautiful, precious”. Another strong feminine sounding name.

Well, that was a list of special and unique names for your baby girl, I hope you feel inspired and who knows - found THE name :)​

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