25 Cool and Unusual Baby Boy Names – 2018


​Giving a boy the name he will carry for the rest of his life is an amazing honor, but can be quite unnerving when you have no idea where to begin! One regret many parents have is when they discover the chosen name was one that many kids got that year.

Unique, But Not Too Weird

You want a name that stands out, but only for the right reasons. A unique and special name, offering your child an opportunity to give a great first impression, just from people hearing his name and going: Hey, that is a COOL name. But in the end, it's all about which name clicks with you, so do not let yourself get too caught up with what other people might think of the one you chose.

Here are 25 of the most special names we heard of that would do any boy proud! (and please, let us know if one of these was the ONE for your baby...we would die!!!)​

  • Zaavan
what does zaavan mean?

This is a name drawn from the Bible and it means trembling. People named Zaavan can make others tremble with the reality of what they are saying. If they can resist the urge to be outspoken, they are diplomatic and considerate.

  • Yavin
meaning of the name yavin

This is an Hebrew name that means understanding. Those with this name have a tendency to want to be leaders.

  • Xeno

Perhaps the easiest of the names beginning with X to say. It is pronounced Zeno, it is of Greek origin and means hospitality, or guests.

  • Vaclar

This is a Slavic name and it means wreath of glory. Those with this name are looking for love and companionship. TarquinA rarely heard name that comes from Roman clans, an ideal name if parents are searching for a rare name. It hints of the creative and the dramatic.

  • Sage

A name that relates to a well known herb as well as a wise person.

  • Rocco
  • This name is of Italian origin and it means stable. It suits people that are strong and cannot be easily distracted from what they want to achieve.

  • Ryker

Ryker is a German name. It comes from Rike meaning to be rich and is prefixed with Ry.

  • Qeb

This is an old Egyptian word that actually means Father of Earth. Boys with this name have a sense of adventure and a strong urge to travel.

  • Orion

This is an Ancient Greek that has only recently become a boys name. It means hunter, and has mythical and astronomical roots.

  • Mervyn

This is the old Welsh word for a sea hill, boys with this name are meant to grow up strong and be capable of tackling anything including hills.

  • Kazuo

This Japanese name means first son, or one that brings harmony.

  • Jax

This Spanish name translates as God is Gracious, an honourable sentiment in it's own right.

  • Crispin

This is a Latin based name that means curly hair, an adorable name for adorable babies.

  • Blaze

An English name that means fiery, a fierce boy that can handle anything that life puts in his way.

  • Asher

Though becoming more popular it is still a relatively rare name. It is of Hebrew origin and means Blessed One.

  • Tamsyn

This name comes from Aramaic origins and it means twin. The closest name to compare it to would be Thomas.

  • Nereus

This old Greek name means father of the sea and is drawn from mythology.

  • Leighton

An old English word that means Herb Garden. It comes from the name of a place in the South of England, and is pronounced as LEY-ThaN.

  • Wolfram

This is a German name deprived from the words Wulf (wolf) and hramn (raven). In other words "Wolf Raven". It is also a reference to the metallic element Tungsten.

  • Enzo

Enzo is a name of Teutonic origins, which means rules an estate.

  • Rhys

A Welsh name that means ardour or rashness, not a name for calming things down perhaps 🙂

  • Imre

This is the Hungarian version of the name Emmerich. Imre was the son of the 11th century Christian saint, St Istvan, and he became a saint too.

  • Auberon

This name derives from Germanic origins though it is mostly used in English and French. It hints at the powerful as well as the supernatural.

  • Beirne

An Old Norse name, mainly used by the Irish, it means bear.

So these are some baby name suggestions to ponder 🙂 Pin the image below or any of the name images, as a reminder once it's time to make a decision....Good luck!​


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