About MamasNow

Life is funny and things don’t always go according to plan, and especially when you get a baby you can kiss all those plans a merry good bye. But it’s OK; we’re here to help! We’ll be your truth-telling, laugh through your tears friends, and we’ll show you how yes, you can smell of diapers and STILL go out and have a KICK-ASS good time. Welcome to MamasNow.com!

Meet the Team!

We know as no other what mamas of now find interesting and what they would like to discover. Yes, it's tough to sleep for only two hours a night. Yes, it sucks when your kids beat each other's brains in. And maybe motherhood is different than you imagined. But laugh at your mistakes and discover your own style of parenting. That’s what it’s all about!

We share tips and tricks from our own experiences for relaxed parenting, to give you a happy boost and make you laugh at yourself and your kids. All you need to know when you want to be a mom, are expecting or already are a mom, from a fresh perspective!


Hi there, this is Emma, mom of a new baby and just as crazy happy and overwhelmed as a lot of you are. The idea for this blog happened during my pregnancy when I was browsing baby stuff and couldn’t find a site that gave me the feeling it was written for me. I'm not afraid to broach any subject and to engage in a discussion. There is so much that should be written. With MamasNow I want to be an inspiration and eye opener for all hip and modern moms (to be). With a weekly fresh batch of tips, inspiration, recipes and reviews, to make sure you enjoy mommyhood as much as possible!


Hi. I’m Bibi. I’m a mother of a 24/7 non-stop action movie 6 year old son, and wife of a double that action, add some fart jokes husband. When I just became a mom, blogs were either making me feel guilty about not knitting my baby’s diaper from vegan wool, or fitting into a zero size skinny jeans after birth. So luckily Emma was game to get a blog up for the rest of us moms who just want to have a great time with and without their kids. Oh, and, that's not my normal face....I just hate photo's 🙂